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Who are The 

Morrison BROTHERS?

Over the last 20 years, Anthony & Adrian Morrison have built various successful online businesses. In 2020 they launched their new company, Publishing, LLC, that focuses on helping clients build and optimize their own Shopify e-Commerce store.


About us

We've been building software to help people online for over 15 years. Our software programs helps both e-Commerce and affiliate marketers track sales, build stores and ultimately improve their ROI.
We believe that optimization is the key to any business having success on the Internet so we are constantly building tools to help entrepreneurs optimize and produce more sales and revenue.
In 2020 we teamed up to offer on of the best software solutions either of us have ever built, our Shopify store builder, and it's been a massive success.
We continue to innovate and create new solutions to help entrepreneurs succeed at higher levels.

Our services


Our FREE Shopify store builder has been used by thousands of people to build high quality stores completely free.

Instead of charging thousands of dollars for this service we can offer it at no cost due to our strategic partnership with Shopify.

We send them quality clients with high quality stores and they pay us a referral commission. This simply means our clients get a great store for free and Shopify gets a client who's serious about their new online store.

This has allowed us to help thousands of people take the leap to start their own online store without the massive up front cost to hire a team to build their store.


We noticed that Shopify was missing some features that were greatly needed so we built our own Shopify apps to help our clients. Everything from Shipping & Handling controls to list building and gamification can be done using our apps on your Shopify store.
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